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Article provided by: Weathervane Factory

If you have been looking for a unique item that will really set your home apart from the other homes in the neighborhood, but you are not really sure what you are looking for, maybe you might want to think about an arrow weathervane that will truly stand out and have people talking. There are literally hundreds of weathervanes to choose from, such as copper, cast aluminum and wooden ones, all in various sizes and styles when you check out The Weathervane Factory. We have the largest selection of just about any type of weathervane that you can think of, such as those that feature religious themes, Mythological characters and even sporting themes like fishing and hunting. If there is something that you are looking for, but can’t seem to find, just let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Weathervanes and Copulas

The Weathervane Factory has been manufacturing our beautifully crafted and durable weathervanes in the state of Maine since 1971, offering a unique selection of the finest weathervanes, all created with the most professional workmanship, and meticulous detail. Whether you are looking for an arrow weathervane, one with barnyard animals or even those that include a fleur de lis design, you will be sure to find whatever you are looking for when you visit our web site. All of these weathervanes come in different sizes for you to choose from, and they are also made with several various materials, so you may want a copper one or maybe a wooden one.

We also have a large selection of copulas that are available in a wide variety of styes and sizes, with one to suit your needs. You can choose one with, or without windows, ones that are shaped like a hexagon or a rectangle and you can choose them with a beautiful copper finial to really set it apart from anything you may have seen before. Wouldn’t your home be even more beautiful if you were to have a copula, place just perfectly on your roof to accentuate the style and the image of your home. There are certain copulas that are created to be admired while standing on their own instead of being placed on a roof or a dome. Some are made to serve as a belfry, a belvedere and even a roof lantern that hangs above a main roof.

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The Weathervane Factory is the top rated, number one weathervane manufacturer in the entire state of Maine, offering a huge selection, whether for an arrow weathervane or hundreds of other styles to choose from. We would like to invite you to visit our web site at so that you can browse around to see all of our exciting types of weathervanes that we offer. We make your shopping experience with us a simple process because our user friendly web site allows you to create your own specifications on the sizes and styles that you want. You can also call us at 800.255.5025 and speak with one of our friendly customer service reps.