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Drain Cleaning Kansas City

A clogged drain is never any fun, and it can be a major inconvenience to homeowners. Clogs can occur in almost every interior drain in your home including toilets, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, lavatories, tubs, showers, and laundry drains. Any pipe where water flows out can become stopped up. Sometimes the water is simply slow to drain while other times it can become completely clogged. When your drains are slow or stopped you need professional drain cleaning in Kansas City.

Drain Cleaning in Kansas City

If your drain is slow running or is stopped up there are some things a homeowner should and should not do to resolve the problem. Sometimes a wad of hair might be clogging the drain. This frequently occurs in the tub and shower. You may be able to remove this hair with a small snake or hanger. However, many times the clog is further down the pipe and requires professional drain cleaning in Kansas City.

Do not pour any liquid drain cleaner into the drain. This prevention tactic usually doesn’t do much good to remove an existing clog. The acidic nature of these solutions can also be harmful to your pipes.

Most often, major clogs should be removed by a plumber. Drain cleaning in Kansas City is affordable and will often be the best way to restore proper water flow in your pipes. Years of use can cause sludge, grime, and debris to build up inside of your home’s pipes. Over time, the inner opening becomes smaller and smaller, allowing less water to flow through.

Professional Drain Cleaning in Kansas City - What to Expect

When the plumber arrives, you will need to show him where the problem is and explain the symptoms. The plumber will examine the situation and evaluate the problem. In some cases, a small camera is used to find the exact location and severity of the clog.

The plumber has an arsenal of professional tools at his disposal to use for drain cleaning. A power rod machine may be needed to provide the power necessary to push the clog out of the drain and towards the sewer. If the pipes are quite clogged they may need a bit more work to clear them and remove the buildup of gunk.

The plumber will explain everything that needs to be done and will obtain your approval along the way, before the work is completed. Many times, clogs can be removed rather simply. When the clog is in an awkward spot, such as in the toilet, the toilet may need to be removed to provide access to the pipe. Then, once the clog is removed, the plumber will place the toilet back into its original spot.

Clogs can be irritating and stressful for you and your family. If you have slow running drains it is best to have them examined and cleaned before they become completely useless. Contact Snake ‘n’ Rooter Plumbing Company to schedule an appointment today with our experienced team.

Drain Cleaning Kansas City
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