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Some technicians refer to epoxy coatings as the coating of life. Unfortunately, the statement is only an exaggeration of the real nature of the coat. The best epoxy coatings in residential buildings can last up to three decades, while an industrial area can last a much shorter lifespan of three years or longer.

Can you foster a better lifespan with epoxy coatings? The longevity is only at stake for different reasons. You should not waste money on flooring that will need a redo in the next one or two years.

The first step to achieving the best one is choosing a high-quality coating kit from Deck Coat. An expert painting contractor will recommend applying urethane topcoat to keep off scratches and abrasion. You also have to understand the factors that affect the coat’s lifespan for the best performance. 

Factors that affect the lifespan of epoxy deck coating

Strength of the underlying concrete

The initial layer of the concrete is the first factor affecting the lifespan of the coating. Typically, the best strength for residential or commercial concrete floors is 3000 PSI. One can use densifiers to add strength before applying a coat.


A significant prerequisite of epoxy is the preparation of the deck surface. The surface should be free of contaminant liquids, oil, and dust to minimize the weakening of the paint.


An epoxy coating should have a thickness ranging between 500 and 1000 microns. A thin layer is likely to wear out and needs sooner replacement. An industrial epoxy system can sometimes exceed 1000 microns for maximum strength with more substantial traffic.


High levels of residents and staff or machinery will break down the most efficient installation of epoxy deck coating. Consider an additional topcoat kit from Deck Coat if you need the best performance for long durations.

UV light

The deck is the most exposed flooring of the building. Epoxy does not have the best resistance against UV rays and will often develop dusty breakdowns after a couple of summers. Epoxy coating is best for a deck with sufficient shade. You can also check our site for binders that adhere better to the concrete floor, to enhance the bond for extreme weather.

What is the most reliable epoxy deck coating?

The best coating system has multiple layers of the epoxy stain. These include the following parts:

  • A primer coat with a substantial percentage of between 50 and 70 percent – Use a thin consistency so that the epoxy can sink into the pores of the wood or concrete
  • 100% solid color coat
  • Acrylic colored paint chips for decoration
  • One or two topcoats of clear epoxy

This epoxy system is the most expensive because it has the best return on investment. The cost depends on the size of the deck and the price of the materials on Deck Coat.

You can reduce your costs by including the paintbrush and protective gear in the shopping cart. This method will save you the time needed to hunt the products and possible additional fees from another store. Browse our site for a prepackaged painting kit and supportive items for an efficient job.


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