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Flood Damage Dallas

Many factors are resulting from flooding. It can occur when a water line breaks in your home, heavy rain, or storm.

One perfect example is the recent Dallas flood, which caused thousands of dollars worth of damages in April 2019. The flood water damage affected numerous properties like homes, vehicles, parking garages, and so much more.

What are the Risks of Flood Damage?

Well, like many other water damages, water does not always stay the same when it's stagnant. Depending on the water source, clean or uncontaminated water can turn into greywater, and when left much longer, it can turn to black water, which can be hazardous to people and animals alike.

Contaminants in flood water can come from human feces and or a combination of animal waste containing harmful bacteria. Leptospirosis is an example of a disease that can be on the rise after a storm or hurricane that floods an area. This disease is caused by a bacterial infection that comes from infected animal urine and feces present in floodwater, which enters the human body through open wounds and cuts.

Calling a professional such as Texas Pride can lessen your burden in restoration. Texas Pride is a company with high credibility in dealing with any water damage and can provide you immediate service.

Are There Any Other Types of Water Damage?

Water damage can be a result of heavy rain, quick melting of snow, or flood. It is the most dreaded problem of many homeowners as it can take a massive toll on their finances. The damage can be small or pretty extensive that would need experts to handle the repairs.

Three Types of Water Damage

  • Category 1- Clean water damage. The causes for this type of damage could be from a leaking water line or an overflowing tub or sink. Since the water is uncontaminated, the risk for sickness and disease to animals and people are low. Thus, simple water extraction and drying of all surfaces are all you need.  Water extraction and drying of all surfaces are pretty much the primary way of treating the area.
  • Category 2- Greywater. Greywater contains contaminants that can cause sickness and discomfort to anyone exposed to it. This water damage can come from washing machines, dishwasher discharge, or flood water.
  • Category 3- Blackwater. A glossy, unsanitary, mostly sewage based water, black water is highly contaminated that can cause disease to people and animals. Due to the level of contamination, a water damage restoration professional should handle it.

It is instinctive to check for damages right after a flood subsides. However, always put your safety first. Before stepping into the water, make sure you are appropriately dressed to protect yourself from debris and direct contact with contaminated water.

Also, make sure that all electrical and gas systems are shut off before entering the water. Having an electrician check on your electrical system can save you from possible electrocution. Call water damage professional like Texas Pride. Technicians from Texas Pride are highly trained to assess structures and help you restore your property.


Flood Damage Dallas
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