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Peristaltic Pump Head

Which flow rate do you need? What fluids or content are you trying to pump? How many channels will you use, and what kind of pump head is most suitable? Peristaltic pump heads have different specifications to fit all the different pressures, fluids, and applications. The pumps have a flexible tube with rollers running through the pump head.

OEM peristaltic pumps are applicable for many different services in industrial and commercial settings, which, again, means they will have different features to fit the case. The following are some typical applications of the peristaltic pump heads:

  • Transfer of fluids like juice, lubricants, adhesives, cosmetics, vitamins, and spray paint
  • Treating water
  • Transportation of mining materials
  • Transportation of construction materials like cement and ceramics

How to choose a peristaltic pump with specific parameters

Duty cycle

It is necessary to consider the duty cycle to know how to run the pump continuously or set up an intermittent running cycle. The best pumps and hoses will have different duty cycles for different performance curves, which means you can adjust the operation throughout the operation.


The flow is an essential factor to consider when dealing with a pump head with high pressure for viscous fluids. Ensure the chosen pump head can support the intended flow rate and ensure correct flow and suction at all times.


The APT Instruments peristaltic pump will not always have the same pressure because you can constantly adjust it along the entire line. However, it is essential to make sure that the rollers, rotors, head, and other parts can support the pressure so that you can choose a pump with just the proper condition for high suction power.

How the peristaltic pump system works

The content gets into the pump using rollers that revolve and press against the case to push the fluid inwards. The volume of the roller increases as the liquid goes through the different stages, and the tube has a displacement pattern that prevents backflow. Usually, the entire pump is easy to maintain because of its minimal features and self-cleaning ability. In contrast, the pump head may need replacing now and then to maintain overall excellence.

Benefits of the peristaltic OEM pumps

Generally, peristaltic pumps do not have contamination because the tube does not contact the fluid. The pump’s design also has prevented backflows and siphoning and will easily handle aggressive and vicious content when it has the right tools for the intended flow rate. It is appropriate that you consider choosing a pump, which is easy to use and be aware of factors that could complicate the usage.

The peristaltic pump heads have flexible tubes that will need replacement to keep up a steady and continuous flow rate. It is also necessary to choose alternative solutions like a pump with features that support tightening and a drive motor if you need more power. Do not neglect the specifics of the pump head because neglect will directly affect the performance of the entire OEM style peristaltic pump kits.


Peristaltic Pump Head
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