Tips to Add Safe Chemicals to a Pool Properly

If you have a pool in your Vancouver home, it is important for you to chemically treat your pool on a regular basis. You need to add chemicals to your pool properly and make sure that the distribution of the chemicals is proper as well. When the chemicals are properly introduced to the water, you will find that they will be more effective and last longer. At this time, this article is going to give you some essential tips to add safe chemicals to a pool properly. So, just take a look at the following tips.

Since it is very important to maintain your Vancouver pool, you should know the right technique for adding chemicals to their pool. In order to make preparation for the routine pool chemical maintenance, it is required for you to have on hand an old bucket that never be used for other purposes, pool test strips, an old measuring cup, and also certain kind of chemicals that you determine on using.

Before you are going to add the chemicals to your pool, it is better for you to change your colorful or good clothing. It is good for you to wear your old white t-shirt because most of pool chemicals are able to stain your clothing by bleaching it. Besides, you also need to make a test on the pool water by using pool test strips in order to know which chemicals you are going to add to your pool.

Moreover, in the process of adding chemicals to a pool, you are required to use bags of powdered shock. If you want to add chlorinate shock treatments properly to your pool, you need make a mix of the powdered shock with a bit of water that is still existed in the old bucket. The mix can reduce the amount of shock which can be blown away by the wind if it is merely poured directly to the pool. You need to open the bags of shock carefully and then you have to empty them deep into the bucket. In order to make an oatmeal consistency mix, you need to add enough pool water.

Furthermore, when you find that your Vancouver swimming pool is dusk and when the sun is not shinning, the best thing that you can do is to add the shock treatment. It is because when the sun is shinning, it would break down the chemicals in the shock so that it will become a less effective sanitizer for the pool. Just stand outside of your pool and then add the chemicals by walking around in the perimeter of your pool in a way to consistently distribute the shock.

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