Pool Covers – Pros and Cons in Vancouver

A pool cover in Vancouver, do you really need one? It may be the best investment you can make when it comes to your pool’s protection needs. Or it may end up heaped in one corner of the yard. Here are the pros and cons to help you decide:


Reducing maintenance and saving money: Vancouver pool covers are invaluable for retaining the water’s heat. They also prevent evaporation, and help reduce the strain on your heating and pump systems. The covers are undisputedly a major cost efficiency saving for pool owners. Less strain on the systems also means less maintenance, and that’s another big saving. Solar covers double as heaters: Pool covers are also called “pool blankets”, with good reason. The  cover, by acting as a heat trap, also conserves warm air, helping retain heat by drastically reducing heat loss.


Cost: Pool covers aren’t cheap for big pools. They need to provide full cover, and that can run into money. Time taken unrolling etc. Handling can be an issue with covers, particularly when you’re not used to them. Of course, this can be easily addressed using a suitable roller. Room: Pool covers can take up a lot of space when not in use. That’s not necessarily convenient, if you’ve got limited area available.

Sizing up the pros and cons

One of the reasons there’s more information for Pros than Cons is that pool covers have evolved to become a valued part of standard pool equipment. They’re actually part of the  management system, and they perform a lot of useful tasks simply and efficiently.

The cons are relevant, but easily solvable, issues:

Cost: A good Vancouver pool supplies firm will provide a wide range of options for  covers. The cost factor has evolved a selection of affordable models in a range of prices. The real value of the pool cover has to be assessed relative to the services it provides, like safety, and cost savings on things like heating and maintenance. Time taken unrolling, etc. This really doesn’t need to be a problem. If you’ve got a big pool, you need to look at types of rollers and find the most appropriate, efficient model to do the job properly.

Room: It’s a good idea to manage space around the pool to have everything handy. One option for  is to create some dedicated storage space near the pool, so the cover is easily available for use as required.

Your pool cover is an asset which will pay back its cost many times over. It’s a money saver and safety device rolled into one. You’ll find that you don’t know how you managed without one.

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