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Over time, your pool tile grout can become damaged, loose, or broken. This can render the pool unsafe for swimming. To continue using your pool, immediate pool grout repairs are required. At Pool Rehab, we specialize in providing professional pool grout repair services. Our trusted experts possess the skill and tools to repair damaged pool grout, no matter the severity of the damages. We serve clients in Riverside, California, and surrounding cities. Our services are well-detailed and carried out with a high level of professionalism.

What Are The Causes Of Pool Grout Problems?

Pool grout problems are not very common. When they do occur, it is important to repair the grout early. To be honest, the major cause of pool grout problems is poor workmanship. When the grout is poorly installed, problems can arise with time.

Proper installation, therefore, prevents grout issues. Asides from poor installation, the chemical makeup of your pool water can cause pool grout problems. If the pool water is unbalanced, there is possibility of pool grout problem.

What Are The Signs Of Damaged Pool Grout?

It is important to carry out pool grout repair as soon as possible to prevent other issues. Here are some signs that your pool grout is damaged:

  • A large area of the swimming pool has grout missing
  • Pool tiles are becoming loose, broken, and falling off
  • The color of your pool tile grout is becoming black
  • Your pool water keeps going green.

Can You Put New Growth Over Old Ones?

It is possible to apply new grout over an old one but this is not often recommended. The result is never satisfactory on the long run. It is recommended that at least 1/16th inch of grout be removed before new one is applied. It is also important that the area be cleaned thoroughly after grout has been scraped out before the new grout is applied. 

How Do You Fix Pool Grout?

Fixing pool grout is important when you want to prevent your swimming pool from further damage. This is what the process of fixing grout is like:

  • Remove old grout
  • Vacuum up any grout pieces and dust
  • Mix the new grout as stated on the container
  • Using the grout float, spread it evenly and ensure it completely fills the joint between tiles
  • Mop up loosened grout from the tiles with a damp cloth quickly
  • Wait for the grout to dry
  • Seal with a sealant designed for use in swimming pools.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Pool Grout?

The cost of pool grout repair generally depends on the size of the area and the material that will be used. The contractor you hire will also influence how much you will pay but it is important that you hire a skilled and experienced professional to handle grout repair.

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