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Portable Conveyor

Portable Conveyor

Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) has continuously developed innovative solutions for order fulfillment since 2002. Based in Frisco, Texas, CASI designs, manufactures, installs, and services state-of-the-art turnkey automation systems for e-commerce, retail, and warehouses. The CASI objective is to provide the right balance of high-tech automation and necessary human operations to maximize accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.

Let’s look at one of our products that represents this objective perfectly:

CASI Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

CASI manufactures custom automated powered conveyor systems designed for dynamic material handling and items in challenging environments. These conveyor systems move products on 24 Volt power with the capacity to carry heavy loads up to 130lbs so transporting materials become efficient and safe.

The CASI conveyors are meant for moving bulk material while offering seamless integration with your existing production lines and assembly lines.

24 Volt DC Conveyor

It is one of the leading products in CASI’s line of intelligent types of automated systems. It comes with a design that allows for a powered belt conveyor-styled system or a motorized roller system.

It is also designed to work for various applications, including belt roller, low profile, and belted curves.

Each section of this conveyor is plug and play and can include casters making installation a breeze. Its unique design provides a smooth and quiet operation that is safe and easy to maintain, and it additionally saves power through sectioning zones not in use. It also comes with a powered roller and built-in logic to eliminate the need for electrical control cabinets.

When a box is present, the drive roller turns the other rollers in the zone to move the box. When the container exits the site, the drive roller powers off. Here are its features:

  • 24V DC Power
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA)
  • Modular line
  • Belt over roller

Here are some of the benefits of the 24-Volt DC Conveyor:

  • Easy installation
  • It runs on when needed
  • It has flexible applications
  • It has a low profile
  • It is quiet and efficient
  • It is safe and easy to maintain

AGILITY Powered Flexible Roller Conveyor

Here are some of the features of this conveyor:

  • It moves materials in challenging and dynamic environments
  • It is designed to support heavy loads up to 130lbs
  • It does not change your facility footprint
  • It avoids people and obstacles
  • It moves materials in challenging and dynamic environments

Some of its benefits include:

  • a robust design
  • precise construction with robotic welds
  • laser cut components
  • modular construction
  • compact storage
  • adjustable heights

Let’s design a custom automation solution for your business

Cornerstone Automation Systems takes great pride in designing, building, and servicing intelligent material handling automation solutions for e-commerce, retail, and warehouses. We boast a responsive and highly knowledgeable sales and engineering team that work with business owners to understand their unique needs.

Thereafter, they design a system that’s perfectly tailored to deliver maximum efficiency and returns on your investment. All our systems are modular and easily scalable; thus, you do not have to worry about investing in another automation solution as your company grows. Feel free to call (814)870-9267 if you’d like to know more about our services.

Portable Conveyor

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Portable Conveyor

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