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sealing concrete Surrey

Exposed aggregate concrete is designed to be sealed, usually with a high gloss sealant to create that ‘wet look’. One of the reasons it must be sealed is because of the open pore design of the surface. If it is left un-sealed, water and contaminants are able to easily enter the concrete and cause damage from freeze/thaw cycles as well as staining the aggregate. Stamped concrete is also designed to be sealed and like all designed concrete, it will require maintenance to protect its finish. The colour coat is extremely thin, so be very careful not to do irreparable damage with a pressure washer.
Anything Concrete knows that sealing the concrete surfaces around your Surrey home is important, and provides affordable concrete repair and sealing. If you’d like to speak with a professional from Anything Concrete who can provide you with a free estimate, they welcome your call at 604-690-7023.
It makes sense to maintain your concrete and avoid the substantial expense and hassle of replacing it after it becomes damaged. For concrete, sealing is a good preventative action to help prevent stains and damage from freeze/thaw as well as environmental hazards. If you have any questions about sealing your concrete surfaces, feel free to contact Anything Concrete.
All types of concrete can be sealed with several different types of sealant to choose from. Even the mostly overlooked garage floor is a great candidate for protection. Your garage floor takes most of the punishment during winter months because your car drops salt and debris collected from the road and deposits it on the concrete where it attacks the surface often resulting in pitting, chalking, and flaking. If you own a vehicle that leaks oil you know how hard it is to clean off after a winter of leaking, even with a good pressure washer.
One popular type of finish for garage floors is an epoxy based product that come with a very long service life and is available in many colours and can be installed with a grip surface to dramatically improve traction when wet. This type of finish is resistant to all oils, battery acid, and brake fluids and of course, salt. When in doubt, it’s always a great idea to talk over your sealing options with a concrete specialist. You can call Anything Concrete in Surrey at 604-690-7023 if you have questions related to anything concrete.
You can help maintain concrete by shoveling the snow from your driveway, sidewalk and steps. By keeping the snow cleared, there is less chance that it will compact down freezing into the surface and accelerate the freeze/thaw cycle. However, if you park on your driveway in the winter do not shovel your driveway totally bare. The reason being is that the salt that's on your car is actually a very corrosive road gel that will eat your driveway when it falls off or melts. With a little bit of snow on the driveway at least the snow will dilute it a bit, but if you can manage parking in the garage or on the road that is your best bet.
Sealing your concrete will make maintaining it all the more effective. Call Anything Concrete in Surrey for a free estimate.

sealing concrete Surrey

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