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Hot Tub Filters

When you do not regularly clean or change your hot tub filters, serious damage - particularly to your water pump - may occur. This makes for expensive repairs and periods of time when you will be unable to utilize your wonderful spa tub. Just think about coming home after a particularly rough day and not being able to enjoy the hot tub you've invested so much money in. What a waste! You want to be sure you can soak in it whenever you like!

Hot Tub Parts

Is your hot tub broken down? Do you need some replacement parts? Give us a call and let us get you the parts you need. The last thing you want is your hot tub sitting there and not being used because it needs a new part. Don't let it sit there another moment. C-Blu can provide you the parts you need.

Hot Tub Chemicals

You'll want to learn more about the proper chemicals right off the bat, as soon as your hot tub is installed and ready to go. After filling your jacuzzi, wait until the water gets to around 75 degrees Fahrenheit before adding the recommended chemicals. Where do you get these chemicals? How do you know which ones to use? C-Blu is here to help you with those questions.

If you're looking for a Vancouver hot tub accessories company, then give us a call today at (604) 589-4281 or complete our request estimate form.

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