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Time can take its toll on your pool. Wear and tear on a swimming pool over an extended period is somewhat unavoidable. At Clements Pool Services & Supplies, we received plenty of questions from our Umatilla FL customers about their aging swimming pools like:

  • What are the signs that my swimming pool needs resurfacing?
  • How long does it take to resurface my pool?
  • How much does resurfacing a pool cost?

In many cases, resurfacing your swimming pool can do wonders for your aging swimming pool. Here are some signs resurfacing your pool is well overdue.

  1. Flaking or Peeling Plaster

You need to resurface your pool if you see plaster flaking off or peeling in high traffic areas. This is also known as spalling, and it's due to chemical imbalance over an extended period. Once the plaster starts to flake or peel, the only thing you can do is to resurface the swimming pool. A professional company can resurface your swimming pool and ensure that your chemicals are balanced to avoid spalling.

  1. Surface Stains

Over time the surface of your pool will get stained—different chemicals and minerals such as calcium or debris that fall into your swimming pool cause these stains. Algae usually cause pool stains, which can be dangerous to your health. However, You can remove these stains by just cleaning the pool, but if you notice that the stains refuse to disappear after scrubbing your swimming pool, then it's time for resurfacing.

  1. Larger Structural Cracks

Your swimming pool can suffer from cracks. Structural cracks are the worst because they occur within the plaster and the structure. Structural cracks mean that your swimming pool liner and base are cracked. Cracks can cause damage to your swimming pool, and you need to address it as soon as possible. Resurfacing could be what you need to transform your swimming pool. 

  1. Rough Texture

Do you notice random rough spots scuffing your feet at the bottom of your pool? Rough spots are unsafe. These rough spots may occur due to wear and tear or imbalanced pH levels in your swimming pool. If you haven't been keeping your pool pH balanced, water may affect the pool liner. You need to fix this problem as soon as possible to ensure your swimming pool is safe for all swimmers.

  1. Notice Leaking

How well is your pool holding water? Do you add water often? If yes, that might indicate leaks. Pool leaks get worse if left unaddressed. If you wait to address these leaks, it will cost you more water and money. Get a pool resurfacing company to fix the issue.

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