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White Glove Delivery

When you have a large, delicate or fragile item that needs to be delivered you can’t trust it to just anyone. You need help from a logistics company that offers white glove delivery services. White glove delivery is an option that provides special care for the transport and delivery of items that require meticulous handling. There are many types of products that may need this type of special care.

What is White Glove Delivery Service?

When you request delivery of an item it will be handled in a typical manner. The package could be handled in a rough manner and may not be delivered in the manner that you need. White glove delivery service is customized to your specific requirements. It may include two-person teams or teams that will set up the product after arrival.

Customized delivery may also include inside delivery. For example, heavy, large or bulky items may need to be delivered inside rather than being left out on the driveway or dock. Upscale items often require this type of delivery to make sure that they arrive without harm.

Some deliveries require special tools or detailed procedures that may be difficult for the typical layperson. These types of products should be delivered with care. The person receiving the products should be available to provide access and to authorize acceptance once the delivery is successfully completed.

In addition to standard product delivery, some items may require installation once they arrive. or example, displays may need to be put together once they are relocated to their destination. Also, particular care must be given to deliveries that need to be scanned or when photo documentation is needed.

Who Needs White Glove Services?

White glove services are suitable for a number of different products and types of companies. Some of the most common businesses that may rely on special delivery services include cabinet companies, medical products and machine manufacturers, surgical equipment, marketing companies, display companies, furniture manufacturers or retailers, exercise equipment companies, banks and more.

Companies are not the only ones who need white glove services. Residential customers may also have the need for these services. Premium services focus on the needs of the client and therefore are more customized than other types of delivery options. You may be able to detail the exact time that you want something to be delivered.

Since this is considered a premium service it is typically more expensive than standard shipping options. However, in some cases this is the best way to make sure that the product arrives safely and securely and on time. It also provides a way to get the product into the final location, which can be difficult in some instances. Then, the product might need to be set-up or built.

You can request customized instructions for the delivery which makes white glove delivery the ideal choice for items that are expensive or irreplaceable. Contact us online to learn more about our excellent delivery options and to obtain a quote for your delivery needs.

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