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Wood decks need regular maintenance because they have high vulnerability to weather elements. The deck also has a horizontal placement beside the house and is susceptible to sprays of water, snow, and UV rays. The following content will guide you on how to get the best paint job for your deck for the most extended service.

Tools needed for wood deck coating

  • Paintbrush
  • Paint tray
  • Safety glasses
  • Pressure washer
  • Special application rollers
  • Roller extension pole
  • Stiff scrub brush and cleaning sticks
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Deck restoration coating kit

Process of coating the wood deck


Wood deck covering absorbs a lot of dust, grime, and liquid. It will look old and worn out with progressive tainting. You can restore the floor by beginning with a power wash to slough off the dirt.

You can prepare the surface in one day to ensure the surface is exquisite before starting the staining process. Remove any outstanding splinters and protruding nail heads. You may also have to replace rotten or weak wood to ensure the decks serves you better for a longer time.

Alternatively, sand the nail heads with and use sticks to remove grime from the tight gaps against the wood. Make sure you aim the water nozzle into the holes to rinse the dirt. Finally, wait for the wood to dry overnight or for a couple of days before starting the paint job.

Choosing the color

You should buy pails of color if you intend to purchase four or more gallons. Choose your favorite color from Deck Coat and include all the additional tools you may need for the perfect paint job. You can save money if your deck is in a decent condition, by buying a thin product that will coat the surface instead of creating unwanted lumps.

Applying the first coat

Start by filling the surface with a primer and wait for it to dry before applying the second coat. The first coat will not be appealing because it will likely show uneven spots.

The second coat fills the gaps and smoothens the texture for the subsequent application. Rough areas and very dark spots need reapplications to bring out the intended surface. Let the deck dry then apply the finishing coat of your choice. Wait for a couple of days before testing the layer for dryness by touch or stepping on the surface.

Can you stain or paint over the existing coat?

It is possible to paint over the existing paint with a new fresh layer. You may, however, have a different preparation process. Try spraying water on different parts of the deck to observe signs of oily dirt below the water beads. Sand the wood with a light brush to remove dirt. You can also use a tape to strip off the dust from the cleaned surface.

A well-prepared and cured deck will serve you well for one to three years. You have a guarantee of the best wood deck coating when you acquire one of our paint kits and painting brushes.


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