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In this world of smart technology, it may or may not come as a surprise that there are ways that you can incorporate smart technology into your outdoor spaces and even your pool as well. Here at C-Blu, we are helping people improve their lives and their outdoor pool areas with commercial pool and spa services in Surrey, BC every day.

You may have smart technology that controls your lighting inside, but here are five smart ways that you can use lighting in conjunction with intelligent technology outside at the pool. These three tips will help ensure that you get to use the pool longer during the day and splash the night away too.

1. Colored LED Lighting

LED lights are an efficient way to light up your pool to create the perfect aesthetic. Commercial pool and spa services in Surrey, BC can help you set up an outstanding light show to wow your party guests with the tap of a button. Using smart technology to turn on and off the lights, or to change the colour of the lights, will turn your backyard into an instant light show that people may start lining up to see.

Although the upfront cost of LED lighting may be more than what you wanted to spend, bear in mind that LED lighting will save you money over time. You won’t have to replace the lighting as frequently as incandescent or other types of bulbs and fixtures.

2. Tile and Lighting Combined

If you haven’t yet put your pool in, or if you’re considering resurfacing your pool tile, be sure to work with commercial pool and spa services in Surrey to determine the best lighting colors and tile colors. When used to complement each other to create certain aesthetics, your pool surface and lighting can play off each other to create a one of a kind lights show every night.

3. Lighting Surrounding the Pool

Here at C-Blu, we aren’t just focused on your pool and hot tub, although that is our primary area of expertise. We are also concerned with the entire landscape. We urge you to make an appointment with commercial pool and spa services in Surrey to see how you can use lighting and smart technology in conjunction with each other to make sure the trees and flora in your property accentuate the pool.

This is also ideal for safety reasons. If you have a paved path leading guests to the pool, but it’s not lit, someone could get seriously hurt on your property. Take care to use lighting to light up the paths and features surrounding the pool. Doing so will make sure that the pool looks beautiful and that the features surrounding the pool make it a focal point while providing a safer environment for guests.

Working with the qualified team at C-Blu for your commercial pool and spa services in Surrey is one of the best things that you can do. We use innovative technology including lights and smart tech to make sure your pool is the best place to be during the summer months.

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