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C-Blu has been providing commercial pool and spa services in White Rock for several years. We are experts in pool safety. Regular maintenance is one of the key indicators of how safe a pool is for you and your family to swim in. Here are some of the essential elements of safety that you should consider with your pool.

Rescue Equipment

In a perfect world, you could hire a professional and experienced lifeguard to attend all of your parties. However, most of the time this will likely not be feasible, and you’ll be left with friends and family to jump in if there’s an emergency. Make sure you have all the proper rescue equipment if the unthinkable happens.

Among the things that commercial pool and spa services in White Rock recommend every pool owner has on hand and accessible include first aid kits, throw ropes, as well as a ring buoy. If you have pets, make sure that you also have a pet ramp so that your four-legged friends can get to safety if they fall in too.

Hand Railings

Make sure that you work with commercial pool and spa services in White Rock that can provide guidance and advice in regards to the hand railings around your pool. Regular maintenance tasks should include checking to make sure that the railings around and in the pool are secure and working properly.

If you have loose railings, this will pose a serious safety hazard for people getting in and out of the pool especially. Make it a common practice to check the railings in and around your pool regularly to make sure your guests can get in and out of the pool without injury.

Pool Tiles

In addition to checking the railings, be sure that your pool tiles are in good shape. Nothing will ruin an otherwise fantastic pool party if someone has an accident because of poorly maintained pool tiles. Cracked tiles can pose a tripping hazard and can even cut people. You may need to have your pool resurfaced if you have several missing or loose tiles.

Gates and Enclosures

Last but not least, having gates around your pool may save a life. Especially in those homes with younger kids, having a gate around the pool will give you extra peace of mind that you just can’t put a price tag on. You’ll enjoy additional reassurance if you install an alarm on the pool gate.

Partnering with experienced commercial pool and spa services in White Rock to design the perfect pool, gates, and enclosures included, will get you the pool of your dreams. More importantly, you’ll be doing your family a big favour if you’re not always worried about pool accidents.

When you need qualified commercial pool and spa services in White Rock to make your swimming pool a safer place to play, the team at C-Blu can provide guidance as well as regular ongoing maintenance to get it to where it needs to be to maintain safety as well as keep it looking great for years to come. With affordable and thorough maintenance plans, you’ll swim and play the days away with greater peace of mind and reassurance.

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