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Pool Lights Broward Fl

Your swimming pool is a great place to gather with your family and relatives. You can enhance the experience of your pool with the addition of pool lights in Broward, FL. Pool lights offer a wonderful way to extend the use of your pool after dark. Evening swims and nighttime pool parties and gatherings are the ideal way to relax and enjoy your yard.

Types of Pool Lights in Broward, FL

There are many different types of pool lights in Broward, FL. It is helpful to understand your options so you can make the best choices. The two most popular types of bulbs for pool lighting include halogen and LED. Both types are dimmable and provide strong light. LED lightbulbs have a lifetime of about 30,00 hours, while halogen bulbs last about 5,000 hours. Halogen bulbs cost more to operate than LED bulbs because they use about ten times the energy amount. In addition to these two types, you may also choose fiber optics lights. You will want to consider placement when you choose pool lighting.

Steps for Choosing the Best Pool Lights in Broward, FL

Consider the purpose of pool lighting. You may want to light up the pool's perimeter, the water, the middle of the pool, and the surrounding areas. You can accomplish the best lighting with a variety of solutions. Mix underwater lights with surface mounted lighting and floodlighting, and garden lights completely illuminate the pool and surrounding area. Make a diagram of the pool and yard and mark the areas that require lights. Then, work with a professional to determine the types of lighting systems that will fit your needs and your budget. Keep in mind that you want to make the pool and the nearby areas around the pool safe for use at night.

Low Voltage Lighting Systems

Pool lights in Broward, Fl are typically considered low voltage systems. You can place lights on timers or operate them with controls. Make sure that you place lights close enough so you can see the entire surface of the water. Use floodlights around the pool to make the entire yard safer for you and your family. You can create various moods with colored lights. Some lights change colors or even blink or flicker. You can greatly improve the appearance of your pool with the proper lighting.

Pool Lighting Installation

Unless you have quite a bit of experience with lighting systems, you will want to hire a professional to install pool lights. At Tropical Pool Supplies and Service, we offer expert design, repair, and installation services. We are happy to assist you in choosing pool lights. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, you can make the area safer and easier to use at night when you illuminate your yard. We will work with you to ensure that you purchase the best lighting solutions for your specific requirements. Visit our website to learn more about our services and products. Contact us today to schedule our services.

Pool Lights Broward Fl
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Pool Lights Broward Fl
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