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It's a complex decision when you're trying to figure out which Vancouver swimming pool is going to be the best for you and your family. There are a lot of questions in everyone's mind about chlorinated pools vs. salt water pools or perhaps even a chlorine free pool. Well let's nip that thought in the bud from the start. A chlorine free pool is called a creek.

The salt water swimming pools that you read about and consider for your own use are not chlorine free. The salt water pool simply goes about things in a whole new way. They use a chlorine generator to get the germ free status that they have. Chlorine generators have been around for ages, but as the means to make chlorine and the methods used to do so got a lot better, the chlorine generators got to be more popular because they actually worked.

So why would you want a salt water pool?

The body is naturally saline. That's a given of course. When you go swimming in a very mild saline solution, much like using saline in the eyes, it is actually easier on the body. Usually when people emerge from a pool that is heavily chlorinated, they will have the halo in their vision, the skin feels more dry, and it tends to hold that residue that tells you you're taking a bleach bath. For some reason, when you swim in a salt water pool, even though it does have a chlorine generator, you're going to get out of the swimming pool feeling better, without that extra coating of residue on your body. You will actually be feeling far more refreshed than you might if you had taken a swim in the other variety. Your skin will be less dry and you're going to feel a big difference.

Ocean water has about 35 thousand parts of salt per million parts of water. People taste salt when it gets a bit more high density than what is in their bodies, but chlorine generators these days, with advances in the technology can take as little as about 2500 parts per million to generate chlorine, not the 35 thousand that the ocean has. The best ratio is going to be below 3000 parts per million. Some chlorine generators can require as much as 6000 PPM in the pool water. Those you should probably steer clear of. Swimming in brine isn't necessarily going to be more refreshing.

Chlorine generators make chlorine for your Vancouver salt water pool so that you don't have to go and get it. While the salt water's great feeling on your skin is one big advantage, so is not having to play around with chemicals on a regular basis. Your chlorine generator makes the chlorine for you, and prevents algae or other bacteria from growing in the pool water.

The chlorine generator has a cell which is made of of metals. Keeping that cell completely free of mineral deposits is the only real maintenance you need to do, so that it will keep on making the chlorine for your pool. That beats having to add chlorine on a regular basis and play with the chemicals, as well as find some place to safely store them.

The only real hitch is that you must still keep a proper PH balance, even in your salt water pool. As long as you do so however, your chlorine generator will do the rest of the job for you. The salt water will help you to feel better and more refreshed after your swim.

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